How long will window film last?

Laboratory studies and real application studies have proven that window films have Lasted in excess of twenty years and more. The window films used by Eclipse Solar Control Products are backed with extensive factory warranties.

How much can I save on electric bills by installing window film on my home or business? Will window film make my house or business seem dark?

The “heat gain” through untreated glass windows represents roughly 40 percent of summer cooling costs for most homes. And solar control window film can reduce That increased or additional warmth by up to 80 percent. Our customers have seen An average reduction in electric cost by 25 percent.

Will window film make my house or business seem dark?

Technological advances in window film allow you to enjoy virtually clear, un-tinted and non-reflective glass with all fading and heat protection by darker reflective films. Our Spectral selective films will not change the look of your homes interior or exterior, and will reject 97% of the suns infrared heat and 99% of ultra violet rays. If you desire a dark film or room darkening film or any shade between we have a full line of different grades to choose from.

Will window film completely eliminate all of my fading?

The deterioration of furnishings are natural and on going process similar to aging.
Eclipse Solar Control can drastically slow this process down. The window film we use significantly cuts the UV light transmitted through glass to 99.9%

Will window film effect the growth of my plants?

No. ultra violet radiation is harmful to plants. Are window film reduces 99.9% of the ultra violet light. Which will reduce the plants from yellowing and leaf damage.

Are there any chemicals used during the installation process?

Our process is non-toxic and odor free.

Are there any special cleaning requirements?

Are window film can be cleaned with any quality window cleaner soft cloth or paper towels. Sharp abrasive objects are the only instruments that can harm the protective coating

How long does it take to be installed?

Installation of window film is clean and undisruptive and most homes can be completed in one day. Commercial building installations can vary by building size and scope of work. The average automobile takes two to three hours.

Can window film be applied to all kinds of glass including double-pane?

Window film can be applied to most clear or tinted windows including insulated glass, however, some restrictions and limitations may apply. Window films are designed for application to glass only.

Do window films provide extra protection if a window is broken?

If a window that has had window film applied to it is broken, the film can help prevent the glass from falling into the room. In the event of broke glass, window film will limit injury and damage to people and property. Even if a window breaks, the window film will keep out the weather until the glass can be replaced. The thicker the film the better it is. In fact safety/security films have proven tested standards.(see safety security film section) 

Why is professional installation the wisest choice?  

Professional dealer installers have film-to-glass recommendations from their manufacturers to use in assisting the customer in selecting the correct film for the particular windows and product benefits desired by that customer. Professionally installed films look better longer and are usually more likely to perform to specifications for their warranted lives, or even longer, than those improperly installed. 
Professional dealer installers have experience and/or training which can help them to identify unique or unusual circumstances, which might affect either the installation or performance of a particular product in a given situation and might not otherwise be noticed. The warranties offered on quality films installed by professional dealer installers usually cover costs of removal, costs of replacement film, and costs of re-installation. Film purchased elsewhere will likely only be covered for costs of replacement film in the event of a problem or product failure. Remember that the best film installed improperly or used in a situation where a professional dealer installer might not otherwise install that particular film will likely not live up to the customer’s expectations. It is the responsibility of the installing dealer, as well as the informed consumer; to determine which window film product will best suit their need. Working with an International Window Film Association (IWFA) accredited “Solar Control Specialist” assures the consumer that the dealer they are working with has successfully completed testing on important areas of technical and installation expertise.