Benefits of Window Tints and Window Film

Properly installed window film or tint provides a myriad of proven, satisfaction guaranteeing benefits. Select Eclipse Solar Control Products of Newburgh NY for your next window tint window film installation.

In Your Vehicle

Protect Occupants
• Car Window Tints holds potentially dangerous shards of glass together in the event of an accident
• Car Window Tints blocks 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, the principle cause of skin cancer
• Car Window Tinting blocks distracting, blinding glare from the sunlight and on coming headlights at night

Reduce Glare
• Car Window Tinting reduces glare by as much as 80%
• Car Window Tints from natural light and headlights while driving after dark

Increase Comfort
• Car Window Tints reflect up to 70% of the sun’s heat, reducing temperature
• Car Window Tinting keeps bright sun out of the driver and passenger’s eyes

Safeguard Investments
• Car Window Tints block UV radiation, slowing interior fading
• Paint Protection Film protects exterior from chips, dings, scratches and salt damage

At Work Or At Home

Increase Safety
• Residential Window Tints prevent broken and dangerous glass shards during a natural disaster, tint holds the glass shape
• Commercial Window Tinting decreases damage to personal and company property and goods from shattered glass
• Commercial and Residential Window Tinting saves on clean up costs after an accident, disaster, or attempted break in

Deter Thieves, Control Graffiti
• Commercial Window Tints are difficult to shatter tinted glass discourages thieves without deterring consumers
• If shattered, residential window tinted glass holds together, making unwanted entry more difficult
• Tinted Windows prevent damage and expensive clean up costs by simply peeling away tagged window film

Reduce Glare
• Window Tinting placed on screens, reduces eye fatigue and increasing productivity

Save Energy
• Residential Window Tinting blocks 80% of the sun’s heat, lowering cooling costs
• Commercial Window Tints traps and reflects desired heat during cold months, reducing heating and cooling costs
• Commercial and Residential Window Tinting regulates temperature, despite sun or shade

Aesthetic Value
• Commercial Window Tints eliminate visual clutter
• Commercial Window Tinting creates a uniform appearance
• Residential Window Tints create privacy from the outdoors by using reflective window film

Ultraviolet (UV Blocker) Light Reduction
• All Window Tints reduce UV Light by up to 99.9%
• Residential Window Tinting protects furniture, flooring, art, window treatments, and other expensive household items
• Window tinting reduce exposure to UV radiation (UV Blocker), which has been linked to skin cancer

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