Automotive Tint

Applying window tint to your car or truck is a small investment that will payoff! Browse the Benefits of Film to understand better how Eclipse Solar Control Products can make your car and truck more comfortable, safe, extend its road life, and increase value.
Eclipse Solar Control Products offers a full mobile car window tinting. The days of having to take your car to a shop for window tinting are over! Eclipse achieves the same quality work right in your garage! In order to deliver our signature quality install, a garage is required because direct sun light, wind or cold can impair the installation process. If a garage is not available to you, window tinting appointments can be made in our Orange County Newburgh New York location. 
Eclipse Solar Product’s work is backed with a 100% quality install guarantee.
Visit our Benefits to Film page to learn more about how car tints can improve your driving experience, increase driver and passenger safety, and extend the life of your vehicle. If you have questions, they might be answered on in our window tinting FAQ page.