Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting

In commercial settings, properly installed window tint can provide drastic energy savings while potentially lowering a room’s temperature by 15%! Window tinting can also improve the aesthetic quality of the structure. Commercial window tinting reduces glare and temperatures that will directly increasing employee comfort and productivity. 

Residential Window Tinting

At home, interiors and furnishings are protected by window tint from damaging heat, glare, and ultraviolet rays. Recommended by our experts, ceramic window film is designed to provide the highest possible visual acuity with minimal reflection, and can reduce inferred heat (IR) by 80%! And similar to a commercial environment, window tinting can reduce temperatures by 15%!

Window films selected for installation by Eclipse Solar Control Products are designed to perform. Eclipse Solar Control Products’ reputation in the Orange County, Hudson Valley, New York and beyond is backed by years of experienced, successful commercial window tinting and residential window tinting expertise.

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